turn into用法及例句

发布于 2023-12-04 09:36:15

  "turn into"是一个常用的短语,表示某物或某人由一种状态或形式变为另一种状态或形式。

  以下是一些使用"turn into"的例句

  The caterpillar turned into a butterfly after it went through the process of metamorphosis.(毛毛虫经历了变态过程后变成了蝴蝶。)

  The small village has turned into a bustling city over the past decade.(过去十年间,这个小村庄已经变成了一个繁忙的城市。)

  He started as a shy and introverted person,but with time he turned into a confident and outgoing individual.(他起初是一个害羞内向的人,但随着时间的推移,他变得自信外向起来。)

  The rain turned into snow as the temperature dropped below freezing.(随着温度降至冰点以下,雨变成了雪。)

  The argument between the two friends quickly turned into a heated debate.(两位朋友之间的争论很快变成了激烈的辩论。)

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